Strategy Process Design

Robust and Sustainable Process to Develop Strategies

Your Challenges

Your teams lack alignment
Is there a disconnect amongst your cross-functional teams? Have alignment issues hindered your marketing plans?

Your process for developing and implementing plans is inconsistent
Does each new project bring about a new process? Are your team members fully aware of what’s expected of them?

Your marketing and business strategies are leading to suboptimal results
Are your marketing solutions consistently missing your KPIs? Is your inconsistent process setting you up to fail?

Our Solution
for Developing Repeatable Success

Process Development

Our proprietary tools will help your team develop a repeatable process for creating and implementing marketing strategies.

Team Workshops

Workshop with multi-disciplinary teams to help improve engagement, develop a framework for success, and create a “common language” for all.

Future Planning

Give your team the tools to improve flexibility and responsiveness as landscape and competitive changes arise.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“Thanks to Impact and your process, my group was able to grow our business unit sales from $650M to $780M in two years. This was after experiencing share losses the previous 4 years. It may have been what helped me get a promotion.”

Global Medical Device Company

Developing Complete Strategies For a Specific Product or Market

Industrial Products

A European-based global industrial products company was having mixed success with product launches. What’s more, no one had any idea what the causes of success or failure were. Impact was brought in and introduced a consistent approach to bringing new products to market.

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