Marketing Machines

Established framework, desire to innovate

Your Challenges

Your Team’s Sole Job is Marketing
You and your team are responsible for the entire marketing strategy for your firm.

You’re Too Framework Oriented
Though it’s good to have a process, sometimes adhering to this process becomes stifling creatively.

You Can’t Develop Ideas Fast Enough
Though you can create good ideas, it often takes too long and leaves you vulnerable to the competition.

Our Solution
For improving Marketing Machines

Framework Enhancement

We take your existing frameworks and processes to help you identify any holes or missed opportunities in your strategic approach.


We’ll give you the tools to adapt your current frameworks to capitalize on hot topics or social media marketing.


Perform an audit of your current process to help connect disparate parts, and develop a comprehensive, market-driven approach.

Problem Solving Engagements

We bring together cross-functional teams to develop customer-centric strategies that are derived from the variety of unique perspectives.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“This is a better program than Harvard. At Harvard, I felt like I was helping them write their next case. Here we work on our issues. We really got a lot out of working with you.”

The World’s Largest Copier Company

Growth Through Focus

Medical Devices

A global, Fortune 100, medical device company had engaged in joint ventures via an opportunistic approach. As the business grew, it needed more rigor and discipline in leveraging disjointed and sometimes overlapping product lines. Impact helped the client create and adopt a systematic, market focused approach to market planning.

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