Skill Development

Building a productive team to ensure positive results

Your Challenges

You aren’t meeting your company or market demands
Is your team seemingly stuck behind the curve? Do you find yourself often outflanked by the competition?

Your team members’ skillsets vary widely
Do you notice a large gap in the abilities of your team members? Are these gaps leading to lackluster results?

You simply lack the skills to produce meaningful, actionable strategies
Are limited skills hindering your ability to produce great plans, processes, and results? Do you often find your team having to play catch-up to the competition?

Our Solution
for Skill Building and Development

Skill Development Tools

Our proprietary tools help your team members develop the skills and vision to create and implement effective plans.

Team Workshops

Through individual attention, we give your team members the ability to maximize their contributions, and show how their discipline can enhance the team as a whole.

Real Work

Our teaching is built around your real work. This gives team members the chance to hone and improve their skills while solving a challenge currently facing your organization.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“This is a better program than Harvard. At Harvard, I felt like I was helping them write their next case. Here we work on our issues. We really got a lot out of working with you.”

The World’s Largest Copier Company

Developing And Implementing a Disciplined Marketing Planning Process And Structure

Technology, media, and financial services

A global, Fortune 100, diversified technology, media, and financial services company had an “inside-out” business model that lacked robust customer understanding. Impact provided a much-needed solution by customizing its proven strategic marketing process to fit the needs and culture of the client.

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