Growth Strategies

Insights to help you grow your business

Your Challenges

Your plans are limited in scope and appeal
Do your plans reflect a robust view of customers and competitors? Is your team prepared to create solutions that speak to a larger audience?

Your process is muddy and inefficient
Are you having trouble meeting deadlines or producing quality solutions? Do you have clear frameworks and tools to help you quickly solve problems?

Your solutions are difficult to implement
Is there a disconnect between ideation and implementation? Are you confident your solutions provide an acceptable ROI?

Our Solution
for Improving Growth Strategies

Insight Discovery

Our structured approach will help your team find new ways to differentiate your product and increase the appeal of your marketing strategy.

Cross-Functional Learning

By bringing together cross-functional teams, we guide you through preparation, development, and execution of the plan, ensuring proper implementation.

Simulations and Planning

Create simulations and cultivate intense planning sessions to help teams react quickly to new trends and competitive challenges.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“I would like to thank you for the great workshop we had in our country! I know the difficulties were huge, but in the end the team was very happy with the content and the decisions made for the 10 most important brands for our country. This was a big accomplishment. ”

Country Head
Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Improving Market Performance By Giving Customers What They Want


A specialty products group within a Fortune 25 US-based global pharmaceuticals firm was grappling with the challenge of differentiating a commoditized product with a competitor-shared formulation in the pharmaceutical industry. After research and analysis, Impact implemented a dramatic change in selling approach.

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