Business Scientists

Process-oriented organization, except for marketing

Your Challenges

No Marketing Process
You have processes in place for everything in your company, except marketing.

Inexperienced Team
Your team may be comprised of people filling marketing roles who do not have a traditional marketing background.

Process Driven
Your company culture is such that most team members crave process and would embrace further process in marketing.

Our Solution
for Business Scientists

Customized Frameworks

We work with you to develop customized, actionable market strategy frameworks and processes that are centered around your challenges.

Real Work Strategies

Using actual challenges your organization is currently facing, we teach process to help team members develop real market strategies.


We help embed the process into your operations and culture to ensure it can be followed for any project going forward.

Team Learning

We guide teams to learn to use the tools and approach to think more broadly and creatively. We teach teams “to fish”, so that the capability is both repeatable and sustainable.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“I would like to thank you for the great workshop we had in our country! I know the difficulties were huge, but in the end the team was very happy with the content and the decisions made for the 10 most important brands for our country. This was a big accomplishment. ”

Country Head
Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Improving Market Performance By Giving Customers What They Want


A specialty products group within a Fortune 25 US-based global pharmaceuticals firm was grappling with the challenge of differentiating a commoditized product with a competitor-shared formulation in the pharmaceutical industry. After research and analysis, Impact implemented a dramatic change in selling approach.

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