For Product Sales

Marketing is support, not a focus

Your Challenges

Marketing Acts as Support
Your organization is driven by product management or sales, and marketing sits in the background.

You Must Quickly React to Market Changes
Your organization’s marketing priorities and approaches must constantly shift and adjust to constant changes in market conditions.

Constant Chaos
Owing to the need to remain flexible and current, your marketing plans always seem to be in a state of “controlled” chaos.

Our Solution
for Product Sales

Process Development

We help you create sustainable processes that can be taken from project to project, while protecting your firm’s inherent creativity.

Skill Development

Give those without a “classical” marketing background the skills to quickly learn and apply marketing strategies and tools.

Market Check

Aid teams in ensuring new products and services will meet the needs, or create demand, within the marketplace.

Problem Solving Engagements

We bring together cross-functional teams to develop customer-centric strategies that are derived from the plethora of unique perspectives.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“It's a wonderful experience to participate in your commercial workshop. When I say it's one of the top two sessions that I have ever attended, I mean that. I learned a lot from the discussion. The team also learned a lot from the exercises. ”

Industrial Company in China

Developing Complete Strategies For a Specific Product or Market

Industrial Products

A European-based global industrial products company was having mixed success with product launches. What’s more, no one had any idea what the causes of success or failure were. Impact was brought in and introduced a consistent approach to bringing new products to market.

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