Growth Through Focus

A global, Fortune 100, medical device company had engaged in joint ventures via an opportunistic approach. As the business grew, it needed more rigor and discipline in leveraging disjointed and sometimes overlapping product lines. Impact helped the client create and adopt a systematic, market focused approach to market planning.

Developing And Implementing a Disciplined Marketing Planning Process And Structure

A global, Fortune 100, diversified technology, media, and financial services company had an “inside-out” business model that lacked robust customer understanding. Impact provided a much-needed solution by customizing its proven strategic marketing process to fit the needs and culture of the client.

Making Tradeoffs To Create Much-Needed Focus In a Particular Market

The services division of a company whose core business was selling manufacturing machinery desperately needed to simplify and focus their services strategy. Impact introduced a needs-based segmentation tool, as well as an approach to utilization, to help the client sell their services with a greater rate of success.

Differentiating a Product In a Particularly Challenging Market

The specialty products division of a large European-based, global chemical company was facing the upcoming loss of a patent protection. Impact successfully designed a framework to maximize the product’s value after the product became generic.

Developing Complete Strategies For a Specific Product or Market

A European-based global industrial products company was having mixed success with product launches. What’s more, no one had any idea what the causes of success or failure were. Impact was brought in and introduced a consistent approach to bringing new products to market.

Improving Market Performance By Giving Customers What They Want

A specialty products group within a Fortune 25 US-based global pharmaceuticals firm was grappling with the challenge of differentiating a commoditized product with a competitor-shared formulation in the pharmaceutical industry. After research and analysis, Impact implemented a dramatic change in selling approach.

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