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Your Challenges

You aren’t truly differentiating your products and services
Your marketing messages end up lumping your organization in with the crowd, as opposed to setting it apart.

Your planning process isn’t repeatable, nor does it align to customer’s needs
Your process has no real structure, and isn’t a reliable tool to create, nor an indicator for future success.

You aren’t meeting your company or managers expectations
Your team tends to miss deadlines, benchmarks, and other key performance indicators.

Our Solution
With Skill building workshops

Customer-Focused Strategies

We help you develop optimal customer-focused strategies and tactics to ensure your solutions align with customer needs.

Real Work Strategies

Our approach is simple, actionable, and comprehensive, and is built around real work examples. This allows your team to complete their work while they learn.

Skill Development

Give those without a “classical” marketing background the skills to quickly learn and apply marketing strategies and tools.

Process Development

We help you create sustainable processes that can be taken from project to project, while protecting your firm’s inherent creativity.

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Experiences that speak for themselves

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what I felt was an outstanding engagement. Good pace, concepts nicely illustrated by real world examples, and some output which will prove valuable to the business. Also you made it fun, and that keeps energy and involvement up. You stood out from the crowd. ”

Medical Device Company

Improving Market Performance By Giving Customers What They Want


A specialty products group within a Fortune 25 US-based global pharmaceuticals firm was grappling with the challenge of differentiating a commoditized product with a competitor-shared formulation in the pharmaceutical industry. After research and analysis, Impact implemented a dramatic change in selling approach.

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